!! Reseller FAQ

Hunchly does work with resellers and value-added resellers all over the world. Some of the common questions and answers are provided below:

Do you offer reseller discounts on high-volume purchases?

Yes. We offer 20% on any number of licenses (4 or higher). If you have a request for a large-volume purchase (100 or more) we work with you on a case-by-case basis.

What payment terms do you have?

We offer net-30 on resellers which means we can deliver the licenses to you immediately, and you have 30 days to pay upon acceptance of our quote and with an issued purchase order.

What are the licensing requirements?

Hunchly is licensed per-user, which means each user can install Hunchly on as many machines as they like. If you have two investigators using Hunchly, then you require two licenses. There is a license file that is provided once your purchase is approved.

How do I receive a quotation for Hunchly so that I can provide a purchase order?

Simply send us your corporate information along with the number of licenses you are looking for. Email us at  support@hunch.ly and we will provide an online quote for you. Once you accept the quote and provide a purchase order we will send an invoice.

How is the software delivered?

We can either send the licenses directly to your end-customer or to you for distribution. All of it is electronic, there are no physically shipped items.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cheque (check), wire transfers or all major credit cards.

Are the licenses one-time or annual?

Hunchly licenses are on an annual basis and entitle your customer to any updates to the software while they still have an active license. Automatic renewal can be agreed upon if required but it is not our default method.

How long does it take to deliver the software?

Upon receipt of a purchase order we respond to requests and issue licenses within one business day.

How does our customer receive the software?

Your customer can download Hunchly directly from the website and it is only required that they have an active license key file to start using it.

Where is the EULA?

You can review the EULA here.

Do you have other questions about reselling Hunchly? Please send us an email:  support@hunch.ly

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