Why does the PDF export look different from the original page?

Occasionally you will notice that exporting a page to PDF will produce a PDF file that does not look exactly like the original MHTML content that was captured. 

The reason for this is within the HTML of many captured websites there is a stylesheet that tells browsers how to layout the page when the browser is about to print the page. Hunchly leverages print-to-PDF in order to produce a PDF that is as accurate as possible. Hunchly does attempt to force a style change on the MHTML content before printing to PDF but this can have its limitations depending on the target page.


Export the page to MHTML and instruct your client to use Google Chrome to view its contents. The MHTML content is the most accurate way of rendering and viewing pages in Hunchly. 

If there is a particular website that you are having trouble getting PDF exports to work properly, please let us know at support@hunch.ly and we will investigate.

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