Why can't I tag a photo on Instagram (or some other sites) ?

Yes, sometimes certain websites can be troublesome in particular we have seen issues tagging photos on Instagram. Why is this? 

What happens is that Instagram creates a transparent HTML layer over top of the images on their site. What happens when you right-click on these images is that your browser does not detect that it is an image underneath, and so all of your right-click menus will not have the general options for saving the photo. 


If you right-click on a photo, use the Inspect option to inspect the HTML element. You will be shown some code that has URLs to the original Instagram image as shown below:

Right-clicking on that URL and selecting: Open in a New Tab will open the image on its own, where you can now right-click and select Tag Photo from the Hunchly menu.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at  support@hunch.ly.

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