Hunchly is missing from Chrome

The Hunchly Chrome extension may not be installed

This can be caused if you have Chrome running during the install process. You can easily add the Hunchly Chrome extension by visiting:

And then simply click the "Add to Chrome" button and you should see the extension appear.

If the blue button instead says "Remove from Chrome", then the extension is already installed but either hidden or disabled. Continue reading to check.

Chrome may be hiding the Hunchly icon

 First, click the puzzle piece icon at the top right in Chrome. Then, click the pin icon beside Hunchly 2.0 to keep the Hunchly icon visible.

The Hunchly Chrome extension may be disabled

To check if the Hunchly Chrome extension is installed but disabled, click the 3 vertical dots at the far right of the top bar in Chrome and click More tools > Extensions

Then, check the toggle in the Hunchly 2 section. If it's blue and the circle is pushed to the right, Hunchly is enabled.

If you run into any other trouble please don't hesitate to reach out to us:

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