Case Management in Hunchly 1.x

In the name of your data security, Hunchly stores all of the captured pages, images, and metadata on your local hard drive. This means that you can end up with a very large database that can cause Hunchly to load slowly or appear unresponsive.

It is also dependant on your computer's hardware. The newer the machine, the more data you can typically store and access. The older the machine, the slower it can be.

This article gives you a quick few steps on how to maintain a lean and mean Hunchly installation, and is just a general guide for resolving some performance related problems:

1) When you are done with a case it is recommended that you export the case to Zip File (from your case screen).

2) Backup the zip file to your off-site or cloud storage (Dropbox/Google Drive is great for this if security permits).

3) Delete the case from the main Dashboard screen.

If you get into the habit of doing this you will keep a smaller footprint for Hunchly and its data. You can always import old cases back into Hunchly if you need to!

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