5. Deletion Logging

Hunchly monitors any deletions that occur within your case and produces a deletion log that you can review or use to explain gaps in evidence (as discussed in the MHTML section of this guide). 

This log file is located in your HunchlyData/cases/CASENAME folder and is named: deletion.log 

An example of what is present in this log file:

time="2018-10-10T14:04:55-07:00" level=info msg="Delete  tag from page:  id - 2, tag id - 2, name - 'Blogs'"
time="2018-10-12T09:30:30-07:00" level=info msg="Delete note:  id - 2, Page URL - 'https://exposingtheinvisible.org/resources/image-digging', Page ID - '6'"
time="2018-10-12T09:31:00-07:00" level=info msg="Delete page:  id - 14, url - 'https://sourceforge.net/projects/gpgosx/', capture date - '2018-10-11 22:43:24 +0000 UTC'"
It is a very simple way to see whenever you have removed pieces of information from Hunchly that you may later have to explain in court or in your report writing. 

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