Why does the Facebook friends pane overlap the rest of the page?

We've run into this one too, and it's definitely a pain. It comes down to how the Facebook website is formatted.

The sidebar containing things like Friends and Photos is kept at a fixed distance from the edge of the screen and dynamically adapts to changes in the size of your browser window. However, when the page is captured by a tool like Hunchly, the sidebar's position is fixed. This means that if you try to view it with a smaller window (or try to fit it all into an 8x11" page as with our PDF exports) the sidebar overlaps the main content. Not good!

Fortunately, Facebook itself provides a solution. The Facebook mobile site uses a single-column layout and has the same data as the full desktop version. And you can access it from Chrome on your desktop by navigating to https://m.facebook.com

Yikes, that overlap:

Much better:

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