Full Text Searching in Hunchly

In this video we are going to discuss the full text search capabilities in the Hunchly dashboard. The full text search spans across all of your cases and help you look for interesting pieces of data that you may have collected in a previous case. Much like a Google search, Hunchly has search fields and operators that we will cover. There is a video below demonstrating how this works.

Search Fields

The Hunchly fulltext index uses specific fields for the data stored so that you can search on them. A list of them are below. 

url:              URL of the page
content:      full content of the page
title:            title of the page
javascript:  the captured Javascript on a page
exif:            searches through all photographs that have EXIF metadata

Search Operators

Much like a Google search, you can also use search operators for phrases, inclusion and exclusion of terms. You can also limit these based on the fields above. Here are the operators that are supported:

+   using this means that a term MUST be present
-    using this means that a term MUST NOT be present
" "  match an entire phrase

Example Searches

Some example searches are below:

url:jms_dot_py -python           

The url field contains the term "jms_dot_py" but must not contain the term "python" in any of the results.


Return all results where a photograph had the term "apple" in the extracted EXIF metadata.

content:justin -python +bellingcat

The content of the page contains the term "justin", must not contain the term "python" and MUST include the term "bellingcat".

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