Installing Hunchly on Chromebooks (Chrome OS)


While Hunchly is not officially supported on Chrome OS, a few brave Hunchly users have successfully installed Hunchly on their Chromebooks. Before continuing, bear in mind that most Chromebooks have low-end hardware (slow CPU, < 4 GB of RAM) which can seriously impact Hunchly's performance.

Enable Linux terminal

Before Hunchly can be installed, Chrome OS must be configured to run Linux applications

  1. Open "Settings"
  2. Scroll down to Linux (Beta)
  3. Click the "Turn on" button

  4. A popup should appear prompting you to set up Linux on your Chromebook. Click "Install"

  5. After a while, a terminal should appear. The prompt should start with "YOUR_GOOGLE_ACCOUNT@penguin"

Install Chrome for Linux

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to
  2. Click "Download Chrome"
  3. A message will appear stating that you're already using Chrome. Click the link at the bottom that says "full list of supported operating systems"

  4. Click "Linux"

  5. When the download has finished, open the Files app and move the .deb file from Downloads to Linux Files
  6. Open the "Terminal" app and type the following commands:
    sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb
    sudo apt --fix-broken install

Install Hunchly for Linux

  1. Download the hunchlylicense.key file that was emailed to you when you purchased Hunchly
  2. Go to and download Hunchly for Linux

  3. Open the Files app and move the hunchlylicense.key file and the hunchly.deb file to Linux Files
  4. Open the Terminal app and run the following commands:
    sudo dpkg -i hunchly.deb
    sudo apt --fix-broken install
  5. Hunchly is now installed!

Running Hunchly

Because of limitations in Chrome OS, Hunchly can only be accessed from Chrome for Linux which can be identified by its penguin icon. Both Hunchly and Chrome for Linux can be opened from the Chrome OS app launcher

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