How do I back up my Hunchly case data?

Backing up individual Hunchly cases

Backing up individual Hunchly cases is as simple as exporting them and moving the export somewhere safe!

  1. Open the Hunchly Dashboard
  2. Click on the Export tab
  3. Click "Export case"

  4. The exported case file will be called by default. This file can be re-imported into Hunchly at a later time

Backing up all of your Hunchly data

To protect against data loss, it's a good idea to regularly back up your entire Hunchly data directory.
  1. Close Hunchly and Chrome. If they are open, some data may not be included in the backup.
  2. Locate where your Hunchly case data is stored. By default, it's in Documents > HunchlyData
  3. Create a zip of the case data
    1. On Windows, this can be done by right-clicking, and clicking Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
    2. On Mac, this can be done by right clicking and selecting Compress "HunchlyData"
  4. Move the zip file created in step 3. to your intended backup location. It's good practice to make this external (like online/network storage or an external hard drive) to protect against computer hardware failure.

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