8. Understanding Hunchly Data Extractors

While you are doing your browsing, Hunchly is on the lookout for unique pieces of data that can be extracted from the web pages and underlying code. This data is extracted and automatically assigned to the page that it was found on. This can allow you as an investigator to track this information for reporting purposes, or to draw connections between multiple sites. Some examples of the data extractors that are currently active in Hunchly:

  • Facebook User ID
  • Facebook Page Name
  • Facebook Page ID
  • Instagram Username
  • Twitter Username
  • Flickr Username
  • YouTube Channel ID
  • TOR Hidden Service
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Email Addresses

We are constantly adding new data extractors or looking for other unique extractor opportunities, so if you see something you would like added please let us know! 

In this video we will explore how to:

  1. Review all extracted data for a case.
  2. Examine extracted data for a single page.

All done?Check out our next vide on making the most of the page review screen.

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