Hunchly Cloud Workspace Features

Kasm Specific Features

If you've already given Hunchly Cloud a try then you've probably seen a few exciting features in the workspace control panel such as:

  • Persistent profiles
  • Non-persistent profiles
  • Upload and Download

Each of these options provide new ways of being able to easily access and handle your case files in a secure environment with browser isolation. This article will go over the details of each.

Persistent Profiles

Simply put, a persistent profile with Hunchly Cloud allows you to access the same workspace from any browser any number of times. This makes things like remote access to your cases — from your office or home — seamless. Whatever you do in the persistent session will be saved to you profile, downloads, Hunchly cases, bookmarks, cookies.

To set up a persistent profile, make sure you chose the option to generate a persistent profile when starting your first workspace. Persistent profile makes use of the storage that is included in your Hunchly Cloud account.

Non-persistent profiles

Non-persistent profiles are ephemeral. When you destroy the session, everything you did will be deleted. You can still download your case files and reports but they will not be stored. You can choose this option the same way you choose a persistent profile by click on this option during workspace initialisation.

Other than this, a non-persistent profile works in the exact same way as a persistent profile with all the same features. This type of profile can be useful if you need to perform specific tasks with Hunchly Cloud that don't require data retention, such as transferring cases, presenting case data, or report generation.

Upload and Download

You can transfer data into and out of the Hunchly Cloud session, uploading or downloading the data.

You may have noticed a couple of folders on your workspace desktop "Downloads" and "Uploads." In order to download something from Hunchly Cloud, simply place the files you want in the Downloads folder. After this, expand the control panel by clicking on it, click on "Downloads," then click the file you want to begin the download.

Uploads are just as easy. With the Hunchly Cloud control panel open, click on upload. After this, you can click the outlined box to select the files by hand or simply drag and drop any files you'd like into the box. After the upload is complete your files will be available in the Uploads folder on the Hunchly Cloud Desktop!

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