Using Hunchly with other Chromium-based browsers

Mac OS and Ubuntu

1. Install Hunchly for your platform following the instructions here, and open the Dashboard to ensure it is correctly installed:

2. Install the Hunchly browser extension:

  • At this stage, Hunchly won't work yet - that's to be expected

3. Type "chrome:extensions" in your browser's address bar and hit enter

4. Enable developer mode using the toggle at the top right, and record the ID of the Hunchly extension

5. Close your browser

6. Create the NativeMessagingHosts folder for your OS/browser if it doesn't already exist. For example, Chromium expects it in these locations, where $USER is your username:

  • Mac: /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Chromium/NativeMessagingHosts
  • Ubuntu: /home/$USER/.config/chromium/NativeMessagingHosts

7. Create a file named com.hunchlydev.server.json in the NativeMessagingHosts folder with the following contents, replacing EXTENSIONID with the ID you collected in step 4:

  • Mac: { "name": "com.hunchlydev.server", "description": "Hunchly Dev Server", "path": "/Applications/", "type": "stdio", "allowed_origins": [ "chrome-extension://EXTENSIONID/" ] }
  • Ubuntu { "name": "com.hunchlydev.server", "description": "Hunchly Dev Server", "path": "/usr/lib/hunchly/HunchlyChromeHandler", "type": "stdio", "allowed_origins": [ "chrome-extension://EXTENSIONID/" ] }

8. Open your browser - you should now be able to collect pages with Hunchly.

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